I am a proud Mum

I am a proud Mum of a severely autistic young man.  He is very handsome, loving, funny and very much adored by his family and ‘circle of friends’. He likes steam trains, aircraft and Disney movies and likes to talk about places he has visited, dates and numbers.  Unfortunately, when he is anxious he displays behaviour that is described as challenging.

His journey as a young adult has been painful and distressing.  Transition to adult services did not happen and he got Sectioned under the Mental Health Act.  For the first time in his life he experienced the nightmare of physical floor restraints with up to 8 people holding him down.  He was introduced to the joys of seclusion and large doses of anti-psychotic drugs.  This was described as ‘treatment’.

After a long and hard battle an independent social worker guided and supported my family through to my son finding a better placement. It will take time to recover from the ordeal.  I want to dedicate the rest of my life to bringing about change to stop vulnerable autistic adults being subjected to such appalling practices.